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The case for connecting with clients

Creating simple online campaigns can boost your business.

If the pandemic has taught us anything about doing business remotely, it’s that enhancing your comfort with and capacity for using digital tools is no longer a choice, but rather an essential tactic for success. 

These days, there’s a lot of competition for people’s attention and business across the digital and social media marketplace – and it’s easy for your message to become lost amid the constant stream of online advertising and information. Much of it is driven by digital marketing firms that specialize in using sophisticated tools to collect and analyze online data to pinpoint potential audiences and opportunities, and for a hefty price. Even though this content can be slick and attractive, people will not necessarily feel any more compelled to embrace its intended messages. Blanket advertising is made to appeal to as many people as possible, but it often lacks the personal touch that can be such a powerful way of communicating with clients. 

That means doing the opposite of what everyone else is doing may just be the ticket to an effective message that cuts through all the noise. You know your clients, so why not connect with them directly in an influential way? 

You’re the expert

Each individual client has a unique financial situation. A targeted message with relevant information and insights that directly address their needs can show clients how much you’re committed to helping them achieve their goals. 

Some studies have shown that clients prefer to maintain a direct line of engagement with their advisor, to build a trustful relationship that strengthens over time. One such study from Morningstar Inc., entitled The Value of Advice: What Investors Think, What Advisors Think, and How Everyone Can Get on the Same Page, showed client support for advisors who understand their clients’ unique needs, and who are able to guide and educate them on decisions that are related to helping them reach their financial goals. This is where Solutions online can help. 

Solutions Online is a free service from Manulife that helps advisors tailor personal messages so you can easily provide clients and prospects with the information you think they can use. This one-stop email marketing tool can spark meaningful conversations while promoting your own value and brand. The extensive library of articles and videos covers subjects related to investments, insurance, banking, tax, retirement, estate planning and lifestyle interests. There’s also a selection of handy worksheets that you can email, post to your website or share on social media and in e-newsletters. 

You or your assistant can even personalize emails with your photo, company logo and a slogan. All this shareable content is designed to position you as the expert. 

In these terms, consider the following example. 

A young couple, Lena and Lucas, have just celebrated the birth of their first child, a significant life event that can factor heavily into their financial strategy for the future. Aside from sending a note of congratulations, this could be an opportunity for an advisor to contact the growing family with some recommended information on topics they may now wish to learn more about, such as: 

  1. Life and health insurance
  2. Opening a Registered Education Savings Plan
  3. Building and expanding an investment portfolio
  4. Will and estate planning

Reaching out with a follow-up message can further elevate the relationship to one of mutual interest and regular, ongoing communication. 

Where to start

The process is simple, and there’s no limit to the number of campaigns you can initiate. 

  • Access Solutions online via Advisor Portal, under the Resource Panel, or visit https://advisor.manulife.ca/solutions.
  • Confirm or update your profile as necessary.
  • Create or import your list of client contacts. 
  • Start an email campaign: add contacts and up to four pieces of content tailored for your audience with a selection of articles, worksheets or videos.
  • Choose a pre-written email message or craft your own to greet your audience. 
  • Click Send or save to send later.
  • Track the results from My campaigns to see what messages your clients are opening and which campaigns are the most popular.

More help is available with this short training video. Questions can be sent to solutions@manulife.ca. 

Targeted information

Explore the advantages of providing targeted information that relates to your clients’ needs without having to rely on costly or overly complicated systems. Times may have changed, but communication will always be the key to growing your business. 

You can read more about the value of advisors and client relationships here. And be sure to visit AdvisorCafé for more insightful articles, videos and podcasts.

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