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Manulife Vitality program perks

Offering even more value for your clients.

The Manulife Vitality1 program stands out in the life insurance marketplace by offering unique incentives that encourage policy holders to make healthy choices. The program is designed to work for just about any of your clients, particularly those who are:

  • Interested in influencing the cost of their insurance
  • Open to improving their lifestyle, health and wellness
  • Motivated to actively engage with the program  

Product offerings include Family Term with Vitality Plus, Manulife Par with Vitality Plus and Manulife UL with Vitality Plus.

Many advisors already know the strength of Manulife Vitality as a business builder. Here are just a few testimonials that may encourage you to learn more:  

“The Manulife Vitality program is simply amazing because it creates motivation in everyone. You don’t need a gym membership, you don’t need to be young, you don’t need to be in great health ‒ you can still do very, very well within the program and it motivates you to be healthy.”  

                                                                            Cecilia T., Manulife Vitality advisor 

                                                                                           Watch the full testimonial with Cecilia here.  

“It’s an unfortunate thing, but life insurance can tend not to be an exciting topic ‒ but adding Manulife Vitality to it has you participating in the program on a regular basis and you see value in paying that life insurance premium. I’ve had many clients whose health has improved since being on the program.” 

                                                                                                                                Trish L., Manulife Vitality advisor 

                                                                                                                                Watch the full testimonial with Trish here.  

“One word that I would use to describe this program is ‘positive.’ I find that our clients feel empowered by the Manulife Vitality program. It’s changed the relationship that we have with our customers from a transaction to a friendship.”

                                                                                                                                Steve M., Manulife Vitality advisor

                                                                                                                                Watch the full testimonial with Steve here.  

Expand your business

Manulife Vitality shifts the life insurance conversation, placing greater focus on improved health and wellness and encouraging your clients to take a more active role in their insurance. Moreover, it can help you stand apart from the competition. Consider the following:

  • Two out of three advisors say Manulife Vitality allows them to grow their practice by reaching new markets.
  • Two out of three advisors claim Manulife Vitality helps them differentiate their practice from the competition.  
  • Three out of four advisors agree Manulife Vitality provides them with new opportunities to interact with their clients.  

Boomer rewards

The Manulife Vitality team is always looking to add more value to this unique program and new perks are now available for older Canadians.  

Prevention: Clients aged 65 and older have a one-time opportunity to earn Vitality Points™ for two important preventive vaccinations – pneumonia and shingles. Each vaccine will earn 200 points.  

Get moving: Seniors have new incentives to get moving. Whether it’s strolling the neighbourhood, meeting new friends at a Zumba class or working up a sweat on the pickleball court, more Vitality Points are available to those aged 65 and older.  

There are three motivational categories:

Light: 10 points per day  

Standard: 20 points per day

Advanced: 30 points per day 

Points are rewarded based on one daily workout. This chart provides age categories and criteria: 

Age 65 to 70Age 71 to 80Age 81+
Step countLight: 5,000
Standard: 10,000
Advanced: 15,000
Light: 4,000
Standard: 8,000
Advanced: 12,000
Light: 3,000
Standard: 6,000
Advanced: 9,000
Workout minutes at 60% of max heart rateLight: 15 min
Standard: 30 min
Advanced: 45 min
Light: 10 min
Standard: 20 min
Advanced: 30 min
Light: 10 min
Standard: 20 min
Advanced: 30 min
Calories burnedLight: 100
Standard: 200
Advanced: 300
Standard: 100
Light: 50
Standard: 100
Advanced: 150

These program enhancements offer the perfect conversation starter for new and existing older clients. Consider these opportunities:

  • What clients have a Manulife Vitality policy that extends beyond age 65? Let them know the program grows with them.  
  • What clients have parents age 65+? If they’re looking for a new life insurance plan, now is the perfect time to talk about Manulife Vitality and the program’s enhanced rewards for an active, healthy lifestyle for ages 65 and up.  

Apple Watch

A wearable fitness tracker, such as Apple Watch, is a must to help your clients easily track their daily activities and earn Vitality Points™. The latest Apple Watch models are now available for Manulife Vitality Plus members.

  • Apple Watch SE from just $0 (initial fee)
  • NEW Apple Watch Series 9 from $97 (initial fee)
  • NEW Apple Watch Ultra 2 from $647 (initial fee)

Full details on Manulife Vitality Apple Watch offer2 are available here.  

From website content to email templates to social media post examples, there’s a wealth of Manulife Vitality marketing material available to support your business. Maybe it’s time to book a call with your wholesaler to learn more! 

1 Insurance products are issued by The Manufacturers Life Insurance Company. The Vitality Group Inc., in association with The Manufacturers Life Insurance Company, provides the Manulife Vitality program. The Manulife Vitality program is available with select policies.  

Vitality, and Vitality Points are trademarks of The Vitality Group International Inc., and are used by The Manufacturers Life Insurance Company and its affiliates under license. Manulife, Stylized M Design, and Manulife & Stylized M Design are trademarks of The Manufacturers Life Insurance Company and are used by it, and by its affiliates under license. 

2 Initial payment does not include applicable taxes or upgrades which may include cellular models. Tax on initial payment is based on retail value of Apple Watch. Apple Watch Ultra 2, Apple Watch Series 9, and Apple Watch SE require iPhone Xs or later with iOS 17 or later. Wireless service plan required for cellular service. Apple Watch and iPhone service provider must be the same. The full value of the Apple Watch SE is $329, which is comprised of monthly payments of $13.70 per month over 24 months.  The full value of the Apple Watch Series 9 is $549, comprised of an initial payment of $97 plus tax, then monthly payments of $18.50 per month over 24 months. The full value of the Apple Watch Ultra 2 is $1,099, comprised of an initial payment of $647 plus tax, then monthly payments of $18.50 per month over 24 months. Each monthly payment can be reduced to as little as $0 depending on how many Vitality Points you earn. Apple Watch SE can be upgraded to Apple Watch Series 9 for an additional $97. Apple is not a participant in or sponsor of this promotion. Apple Watch is a registered trademark of Apple Inc. All rights reserved.  

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